Once the player's character reaches level 20, the player can start using the Daily Sign-in Reward.

To access to Daily Sign-in Reward click the icon that resembles a Giftbox at the top right of the game window.

DailySiR button

DailySiR window

The Daily Sign-in Reward window shows four information boxes.

Daily Login Reward - At the level noted the player can collect an experience item/shard

Current Upgrade Tip - Game tips for what you can do at the characters level

Rewards to be earned at the next stage - Information on the next Gift Package the player will recieve and at what level they will recieve it.

VIP membership Privileges Description - Information on the VIP package (obtainable at the Mall)

Daily Login RewardEdit

Each day the player can collect three different types of Daily Sign-in Reward;

Money Reward - for a small amount of money the player can obtain an experience item

gPotato Reward - for a small amount of gPotato the player can obtain an experience item

VIP Reward - If the player is a VIP they can obtain an experience item

Money Reward gPotato Reward VIP Reward
Level Exp Cost Exp Cost Exp Cost
20 37,500 10 Silver 100,000 1 gPotato 37,500 None
30 100,000 20 Silver 150,000 2 gPotato 100,000 None
40 150,000 20 Silver 200,000 2 gPotato 150,000 None
50 200,000 20 Silver 300,000 2 gPotato 200,000 None
60 250,000 20 Silver 300,000 2 gPotato 250,000 None

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