World MapEdit


Ruky Island (lvl1~10)Edit


Monster distributionEdit

Game d1p001
Number Monster name Rank
1 Flying Piglet Lv.2
2 Fruit Frog Lv.3
3 Pip Lion Lv.4
4 Nono Barbarian Lv.8

Karugarner (lvl10~35)Edit


Monster distributionEdit

Game d1p002
Number Monster name Rank
1 Giant Fiddler Crab Lv.8
2 Royal Frog Lv.11
3 Crooked Pin Brigand Lv.12
4 Ancient is puzzled the young Lv.10
5 Bog porpoise Lv.24
6 Bog aristocrat frog Lv.24
7 Soars to the heavens slightly flies the pig Lv.12
8 Windmill lion Lv.14
9 Plain pig Lv.16
10 Bog metal shrimp Lv.24
11 Hoodlum bear Lv.16
12 Plain lobster Lv.19
13 Makes noise the cactus Lv.19
14 Canaan Slinker Lv.23
15 Plain lion vulture Lv.19
16 Lipotes vexillifer Lv.19
17 Goes by land greatly tun Lv.21
18 Cerberus Lv.16
19 Sandbank frog Lv.22
20 Facing retribution for a life of crime Lv.24
21 Not only metal shrimp Lv.26
22 Brutal cateran Lv.26
23 Not only metal shrimp Lv.26
24 Machine alone angle shrimp Lv.26
25 Nomadic dwarf Lv.25
26 Stupid bear Lv.26
27 Gluttonous wild boar Lv.23
28 Servant crab Lv.28
29 Star month porpoise Lv.28
30 Rebel army warrior Lv.30
31 Canaan Royal Knight Lv.33
32 Ultimate knight Lv.35
33 Rebel army bodyguard Lv.31
34 Canaan Royal Guard Lv.31
35 Brigand knight Lv.31
36 Bandits and thieves knight Lv.31
37 Leviathan Lv.30

Goradora Highland (lvl30~50)Edit


Monster distributionEdit

Game d1p003
Number Monster name Rank
1 Dwarf veteran Lv.49
2 Dwarf prisoner Lv.46
3 Shadow pastor Lv.42
4 Overbearing porpoise Lv.50
5 Flight wild boar Lv.42
6 Fat tree frog Lv.42
7 High ground uncivilized nationalities Lv.31
8 Ge Laiduo pull the procession of lanterns Lv.40
9 Strange mushroom Lv.29
10 Black Shaman Lv.40
11 Chaotic ancient times god Lv.43
12 Screams the cactus Lv.30
13 Guards the imperial palace the cavalry soldier Lv.40
14 Old empire master Lv.45
15 Wild three dogs Lv.41
16 Uncivilized nationalities sentry Lv.34
17 Uncivilized nationalities master Lv.36
18 The uncivilized nationalities fight master Lv.40
19 Uncivilized nationalities soldier Lv.38
20 Female assassin Lv.47
21 Skin skin Lion King Lv.31
22 Rides the wolf red marquis Lv.32
23 Forest uncivilized nationalities Lv.41
24 Forest tree fiend Lv.44
25 Peak pig Lv.43
26 Peak lion Lv.44
27 The stunt flies the pig Lv.30

Oblivion soldier

29 Heavy metal shrimp Lv.33
30 Canaan armed forces military deserter Lv.31

Kazan (lvl35~60)Edit


Monster distributionEdit

Game d1p004
Number Monster name Rank

Balu Genius Smugilling Group

2 Frantic Walking Cerberus Lv.51
3 Birtley Lv.80
4 Grass Spirit Lv.52
5 Steppe Cactus Lv.57
6 Impulse River Crab Lv.40
7 Pinehead Cactus Lv.38
8 Crass Sand Bear Lv.44
9 Snafu Cactus Lv.41
10 River Frog Lv.39
11 Giant River Crab Lv.39
12 Heads of Big Mushroom Lv.50
13 Renmant of Shocigon Mountain Fortress Lv.54
14 Big sand exile Lv.49
15 Large-scale desert Lu Tun Lv.43
16 Malignant tumor frog Lv.58
17 Multi-Mork kidnaps the group Lv.47
18 Fallen angel Lv.80
19 Degenerates the union armed forces Lv.45
20 Ruins robber Lv.43
21 Ruins jack-o'-lantern king Lv.45
22 Decayed corpse insect Lv.44
23 Crane-sing cactus Lv.39
24 Remembering phagotroph Lv.35
25 Jian-Jian river frog Lv.40
26 Zombie bat Lv.45
27 Great evil spirit lion vulture Lv.57
28 Class prisoner Lv.59
29 Roams about the pirate Lv.46
30 Hoodlum wild boar king Lv.51
31 Wind-drift sand porpoise Lv.38
32 South island windmill lion Lv.58
33 Sand well swindler Lv.35
34 Desert prisoner Lv.42
35 Desert stabber Lv.42
36 Desert Lu Tun Lv.35
37 Desert robber Lv.36
38 Android #18 Lv.55
39 Android #15 Lv.54
40 Biochemistry lobster Lv.56
41 Android #008 Lv.50
42 Android #14 Lv.53
43 Android 1014 Lv.61
44 Necroscent poison mushroom Lv.44
45 Death soldier Lv.80
46 West Sea lobster Lv.52
47 Small devil Lv.80
48 Rests its post cactus Lv.50
49 Rests its post Sha Gu Lv.50
50 Rests its post village in a mountainous area remnants Lv.54
51 Makes noise the cactus Lv.36
52 Blood Kazan crazy soldier Lv.42
53 Fond of the countryside Sha Xiong Lv.38
54 The wild boar person population sells Lv.45
55 Ian Teece crab Lv.53
56 Forgetting jack-o'-lantern Lv.42
57 Forgetting imperial family armed forces Lv.39
58 Forgets the soldier Lv.39
59 Flies comfortablely the pig Lv.46
60 Drills the lobster Lv.39
61 The ramble flies the pig Lv.53

Fellias (lvl55~65)Edit


Monster distributionEdit

Game d1p005
Number Monster name Rank
1 Dwarf pirate Lv.50
2 Blocker Crab Lv.50
3 Hammer Party: Dwarf Lv.51
4 River bank bandits and thieves Lv.52
5 Wrestles Daren Lv.53
6 Black market merhcant Lv.54
7 Meat lion vulture Lv.54
8 Small procession of lanterns Lv.54
9 Leading a pious life warrior Lv.54
10 Degeneration serviceman Lv.55
11 Roaming about dwarf Lv.55
12 Mountain pass procession of lanterns Lv.55
13 Monetary reward hunter Lv.55
14 On old tree essence Lv.56
15 Crazy wild boar king Lv.58
16 Great evil spirit lion vulture Lv.58
17 Seventh army soldier Lv.59
18 Seventh army knight Lv.59
19 Chief Badisita Lv.60
20 Unclear status army Lv.60
21 Demon garrison Lv.60
22 Kazan knife axe soldier Lv.61
23 Illegal exploring party Lv.62
24 Strength protection Lv.62
25 Charm mushroom Lv.63
26 Charm frog Lv.63
27 The charm flies the pig Lv.64
28 Charm tree essence Lv.64
29 Eastern Shenlong Lv.65
30 Twin Guard Lv.65
31 Eternal fight Lv.66

Kartal Peninsula (lvl65~80)Edit


Monster distributionEdit

Game d1p006
Number Monster name Rank
1 Eastern king crab Lv.60
2 Eastern great lion Lv.61
3 Wild wicked thief Lv.61
4 Eastern exiles the commit Lv.62
5 Classical lion vulture Lv.62
6 Strike soldier of fortune Lv.63
7 Great evil spirit lion vulture Lv.63
8 Empties the lion vulture Lv.63
9 Guerrilla 6 teams soldiers Lv.73
10 Unclear status spy Lv.64
11 Rebels against the soldier of fortune Lv.64
12 Avenger soldier Lv.64
13 Far old tree essence Lv.64
14 Radical party soldier Lv.65
15 Black fingernail crab Lv.66
16 Your slave moving about in search of pasture dwarf Lv.66
17 Trump card monetary reward hunter Lv.66
18 West lake mushroom Lv.66
19 Blue stone porpoise Lv.67
20 Tunnel dwarf Lv.69
21 Foot dwarf miner Lv.69
22 West lake young dragon Lv.69
23 West lake great section dragon Lv.69
24 Wilderness cactus Lv.70
25 Wilderness wicked wolf Lv.70
26 West lake steel dragon Lv.70
27 Foot dwarf aristocrat Lv.71
28 Eats the ore frog Lv.71
29 Limestone cave tree essence Lv.72
30 Foot dwarf soldier Lv.72
31 Jiesen bandit Lv.73
32 When Asia pirate Lv.73
33 Guerrilla 6 teams masters Lv.73
34 Guerrilla 6 teams knight-errants Lv.74
35 Remains silent to sing the frog Lv.75
36 Special game gentleman Lv.75
37 The C major sings the frog Lv.75
38 Dull windmill lion Lv.76
39 Wild boar Wang Afa Lv.76
40 Oversea lobster Lv.76
41 Noisy land porpoise Lv.77
42 Flight aardvark Lv.77
43 Gui Tanshu essence Lv.77
44 Corlett does obeisance party chief Lv.77
45 Riddle jack-o'-lantern Lv.77
46 Mystical moving under water Lv.77
47 Loose mourning cypress essence Lv.77
48 Shadow jack-o'-lantern Lv.77
49 Long jack-o'-lantern Lv.77
50 Fierce feather lion vulture Lv.78
51 Fleeing in all directions bandit Lv.78
52 Gluttonous wild mushroom Lv.78
53 Biochemistry porpoise Lv.78
54 Biochemistry metal shrimp Lv.78
55 Surrender party agent Lv.78
56 Surrender party boatman Lv.78
57 Variation metal crab Lv.79
58 Variation metal lobster Lv.79
59 Biochemistry person 11 Lv.79
60 Biochemistry murderer Lv.80
61 Biochemistry person 13 Lv.80
62 The robot raises Nurkse 5 Lv.82

Elven Land (lvl71~90)Edit


Monster DistributionEdit

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Grey Area (lvl85~100)Edit


Monster DistributionEdit

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Mysterious Area (lvl95~100+)Edit

Mysterious Area

Evil IslandEdit