You may not know it, but the Wikia staff is forcing a skin change upon all wikis.
This begins 2010 October 6 and ends 2010 November 1, where all wiki will have the new skin, Oasis, as the only option.

Please leave your comments, on the page, so we may discuss how to meet this.

Changes Edit

Certain changes come with this new skin. Here is a list of what changes I think are important:

  • Main page content area will be fixed at 980 pixels (current is 1020 pixels)
  • Page content and User area will be fixed at 660 pixels (current is 1020 pixels)
  • Navigation is being moved from left to the top
  • Navigation will be limited to 4 main groups, and each group can have 7 sub-links
  • A new topbar is going to help advertise what other wikis are on
  • Sections (eg New Page) have been moved around

See a screenshot of the layout and where the sections are located now, along with a description in the Transition Guide.

Plans Edit

  • Rework the navigation menu to fit within 32 links (4 + 4x7)
  • Rework Pet Classification to long page style, instead of current wide page style

Suggestions Edit

Sources Edit

Wikia Staff Blog

Transition Guide