Androids Icon Pet Android-13-18 Androids #13 #18 Icon Pet Android-14-15-16 Androids #14 #15 #16                
Artificial     Artificial                            
Immortal Icon Pet Bat Zombie Bat Icon Pet Will-o-the-wisp Jack-o'-lantern Icon Pet Death-warrior Dead Warrior Icon Pet Rotten-corpse-bug Rotten Corpse Bug/worm Icon Pet Cerberus Cerberus    
Dead Thick Skin   Float Dead Flame Dead     Dead Poison   Dead Dark        
Animal Icon Pet Dolphin Dolphin Icon Pet Plain-pig Plain Pig Icon Pet Shrimp Shrimp Icon Pet Frog Frog Icon Pet Bear Bear    
Aquatic Thick skin   Sharp Teeth Thick skin   Metal Aquatic   Aquatic Sacred   Thick skin          
Icon Pet Lion Lion Icon Pet Crab Crab Icon Pet Turtle Metal Turtle Icon Pet Turtle Steel Turtle Icon Pet Piglet Piglet Icon Pet Griffin Griffin of Plain‎
Sharp Teeth     Aquatic Hard Armor   Metal     Metal     Sharp Teeth Thick skin   Thick skin Flame  
Icon Pet Butterfly Butterfly Icon Pet Duck Fat Duck Icon Pet Chameleon Chameleon Icon Pet Fantasy-sprite Fantasy Sprite   Unicorn    
Float Black Magic   Aquatic     Nature Thick skin   Black Magic     Sacred Black Magic        
Plant Icon Pet Mushroom Mushroom Icon Pet Cactus Cactus Monster Head 029 Grass Spirit Icon Pet Sunflower Sunflower        
Nature Sharp Teeth   Nature     Nature Bloodthirsty   Nature Sharp Teeth              
Angel Icon Pet Fallen-angel Fallen Angel Icon Pet Rebel-angel Rebel Angel Icon Pet Cute-angel 萌天使            
Flight Dark   Flight Sacred   Flight Sacred                    
Demon Icon Pet Devils-baby Little Devil Icon Pet Night-devil 夜魔王 Icon Pet Phantom 魅影 Icon Pet Evil-sea-monster Evil Sea Monster Icon Pet Devils-soldier "Demon Warrior" Icon Pet Devils-knight "Demon Cavalry"
Float Dark   Float Dark   Float Dark Flight Aquatic Sharp Teeth   Float Dark Sharp Teeth Thick skin Dark  
Flying Dragon Icon Pet Steel-dragon Steel Dragon Icon Pet Fire-dragon Fire Dragon Icon Pet Aquas-dragon Aquas Dragon            
Metal Hard Armor   Thick skin Flame Hard Armor Flight Aquatic                    
Stone Monster Head 097 雙子、力量                    
Unkown Monster Head 102 Bertley Gamma                    
Lithical Sacred                                

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