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To gather a certain kind of material you'll need to have in you bag a determined tool, that acording to it's quality has variable duration.

You can buy them at Kurugarner city, from NPC Falcon the Grocery Merchant (257,269).

Pickaxe Stones Itemicon 78

lvl10 (30s)

lvl30 (1g)

Axe Skins Itemicon 144

lvl10 (30s)

lvl30 (1g)

Sieve Pearls Itemicon 145

lvl10 (30s)

lvl30 (1g)

To do Material Synthesis you'll need:

Pandora's Box Price Profitability
Itemicon 146 1G Low
Itemicon 147 30G Medium
Itemicon 148 120G High

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