A 30 day VIP membership can be obtained from the Mall for 800 gPotato.

A 7 day VIP membership can be obtained from the Mall for 250 gPotato.

You can also rent additional storage capacity separately (Bag3 & Depot3) for 250 gPotato. Duration is 30 days. Combing this offer with VIP membership will give you 2 extra bags and depots.

With a VIP membership will you gain the following benefits :

1. Additional 7 hours of double experience per week.

2. Godl coins rewards from combat increased by 10%.

3. 10% discount at shops.

4. 30% bonus when selling items to a shop.

5. One additional page for inventory and in warehouse.

6. Larger room for in personal shop stall.

7. Daily normal instance quotas increased to 12.

8. Daily quests quotas increased by 1 .

9. Rate of material collecting increased substantially. 

10. One additional pet slot.

11. Four additional pet rooms.

12. Daily quota for entering the challenge battle field increased by 1.

VIP characters have a special VIP badge VIP badge before their character's level & name.

VIP badge example

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